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Why not say it with a GIF?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a GIF?

GIFs can speak volumes on social media, especially in this age where the attention spans of online users are shrinking.

Why are GIFs great? Well, think of GIFs a middle ground between a still image and a video. They are visually more appealing than a static picture, and they can tell a story like a video without the length – a happy cross between the two.

GIFs make for great eye-catching content, especially if you’re working on a platform like Tumblr.

Unimelb on Tumblr

2014 marks the first year the University is on Tumblr, and GIFs make up a large proportion of our most engaged content.

We use GIFs to entertain, to sympathise with students during SWOT VAC, and we even use GIFs to respond to trivial questions.

GIFs add something special to the plate, and the best part is you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to create GIFs. Making your own GIFs is much easier than you think.

Making your own GIF

There are many online GIF making tools out there. If you’re looking for something easy to start things off with, here are two nifty apps available for free on the App Store (sorry PC users).

Gifgrabber: Similar to taking a screenshot of a photo, but of videos. This is a very simple tool to master, but the major downfall of this app is that you have very little control over your GIF.

PicGIF lite: You can create GIFs out of photos or videos with this app. Compared to Gifgrabber, PicGIF offers more flexibility and allows you to customize your GIFs. You can also purchase the full version for access to more features.

For a few extra dollars, I recommend GIFBrewery. This app has greater functionality, with more features than PicGIF. My favourite feature of this app is the ability to play with the number of colours in your GIF, which is great when you are working with size restrictions.

Things to be mindful of

Bear in mind that different social media platforms have different restrictions on GIF size. GIFs cannot exceed 3 MB on twitter, and 1MB on Tumblr.

Anyone can master the art of making GIFs. All it takes is a bit of patience and practice.